cranberry sauce displayed on lazy susan with whole cranberries and a jar of pure maple syrup.

Cranberry Sauce in the Deluxe Cooking Blender!

Cranberry Sauce made in Pampered Chef's Deluxe Cooking Blender by The Flip Flop Chef

I’m one of those people who can take or leave cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving Day. I know most people are either all in or all out. There are so many different ways you can make cranberry sauce and you can even just buy it in a can. Do you like jellied sauce or whole berry sauce? If I eat it, I prefer whole berry over jellied. If you need help preparing the most perfect turkey ever, check out my post for my Overnight Turkey! Once you try this method, you’ll never go back to your traditional turkey baking and best of all, there is no basting needed!

I like using my Deluxe Cooking Blender to make a quick and easy cranberry sauce.

Check out this link for several stove-top recipes. These recipes can also be adapted and made in the Deluxe Cooking Blender; add cranberries, orange zest and juice – select Jam setting and press start. For 2nd stage add maple syrup and brown sugar (and any variation add ins)

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Cranberry Sauce made in Pampered Chef's Deluxe Cooking Blender by The Flip Flop Chef

Cranberry Sauce!

This cranberry sauce is made in the Deluxe Cooking Blender from Pampered Chef 

I’m a consultant with Pampered Chef and I would love the opportunity to help you get any products you need. You can shop my product website for the products used in my recipes and videos.


12 oz fresh or frozen cranberries
1-2 oranges
1 cup maple syrup
1 Tbsp packed light brown sugar


Add the cranberries, zest from 1 orange and 1/3 cup fresh squeezed orange juice to the Deluxe Cooking Blender. Set to Jam. When prompted to “add”, add in syrup and brown sugar and press to start. When finished, cool completely. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


If you don’t have the Deluxe Cooking Blender, you could make this on the stove but it will require a lot of stirring to be sure it doesn’t burn. You could blend it up with an immersion blender or the Flex+ from Pampered Chef.

  • Author: Mindy Banks

If you prefer jellied cranberry sauce and want to buy it in a can, check out this video for a trick to slice it perfectly every single time using the Quick Slice from Pampered Chef

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